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Contents and Figures
PART I: Problem Analysis Using the Area of Enlightenment
Section I: Fundamentals
Chapter 1 Count von Bismarck And His Soldiers’ Multi-Dimensionality. 6
Chapter 2 Getting Off The Line. 11
Chapter 3 How To Get Into The Area of Enlightenment. 15
Section II: Genetics And Imprinting
Chapter 4 Sociopathic Behavior—Genetics or Imprinting? 23
Chapter 5 The Dichotomy of Discipline. 39
Chapter 6 “There Are No Bad Boys.” 55
Chapter 7 The Joys of Stereotyping. 72
Chapter 8 Smarts—IQ or Emotional Intelligence? 82
Section III: Self-Esteem
Chapter 9 What IS Self-Esteem? 89
Chapter 10 Self-Esteem—A Balance of Nature and Nurture. 93
Chapter 11 Improving Self-Image. 102
Chapter 12 Be All You Can Be. 107
Chapter 13 A Good Attitude Counts. 113
Section IV: Social Issues
Chapter 14 What A Lucky Guy! 125
Chapter 15 Games People Play. 130
Chapter 16 Does Hard-Core Pornography Cause Violence? 134
Section V: Education
Chapter 17 The Great Reading Debate. 153
Chapter 18 Abolish Competition And Grades? Don’t Do It! 161
Chapter 19 Open Classrooms. 170
Chapter 20 Why Johnny Might REALLY Have To Fail. 175
Chapter 21 Women-Only Feminist Classes. 187
Chapter 22 TV—The Destroyer Of Our Young! 195
Section VI: Business Conundrums
Chapter 23 Innovation and Entrepreneurial Drive. 215
Chapter 24 Success, Ego and Drive. 220
Chapter 25 Type A Personalities—Doomed To Heart Attacks? 223
Chapter 26 The Clash Between Intelligence And Knowledge. 230
Chapter 27 Analyzing Workers for Reasoning Ability And Cautiousness. 236
Chapter 28 Government Control Or Laissez-Faire? 240
Chapter 29 Should You Take The Gamble? 248
PART II: Deciphering Agreements And Disagreements Using The Area of Enlightenment
Section VII: Non-Resolvable Arguments
Chapter 30 Setting The Stage. 254
Chapter 31 The Dole—Enabling Crutch or the Route to Independence? 262
Chapter 32 Homosexuality—Nurture Versus Nature. 272
Chapter 33 Abortion—Don’t Confuse Me With the Facts, I’ve Already Made Up My Mind. 285
Chapter 34 The Death Penalty Conundrum. 303
Section I
Figure 1.1 Smart/Stupid and Lazy/Active. 8
Figure 2.1 Proper Acting/Devious and Cowardly/Brave. 13
Section II  
Figure 4.1 Societally Positive/Sociopath and Nurtured Negatively/Nurtured Positively. 31
Figure 5.1 Societally Positive/Sociopath and Negative Response to Reasonable Discipline /
Positive Response to Reasonable Discipline.

Figure 5.2 Societally Positive/Sociopath and Unreasonable Discipline/Reasonable Discipline. 52
Figure 6.1 Genetically Societally Positive/Genetically Sociopathic and Imprinted Antisocial/Pro-Social Sociopathic and Imprinted Antisocial/Pro-Social.
Figure 7.1 Person Appears To Be Bad: Does Stereotype/Does Not Stereotype and Does Not Analyze/Analyzes for Accuracy.
Figure 7.2 Person Appears To Be Good: Does Stereotype/Does Not Stereotype and Does Not Analyze/Analyzes for Accuracy.
Figure 8.1 High IQ/Low IQ and Low Emotional Intelligence/High Emotional Intelligence. 83
Section III  
Figure 10.1 Socially Constructive/Sociopath and Low Self-Esteem/High Self-Esteem. 97
Figure 10.2 Active/Lazy and Low Self-Esteem/High Self-Esteem. 100
Figure 11.1 Societally Positive/Societally Negative and In Denial/Owns Up 104
Figure 12.1 Competitive/Non-Competitive and Stop Trying/Be All You Can Be. 109
Figure 13.1 Well-Intended—Feels Good About Self/Feels Bad About Self and Tears Down Others/Builds Up Others.
Figure 13.2 Not Well-Intended—Feels Good About Self/Feels Bad About Self and Tears Down Others/Builds Up Others.
Section IV  
Figure 14.1 Capable/Inept and Few Opportunities/Many Opportunities. 127
Figure 15.1 Person A—Winner/Loser and Person B—Winner/Loser. 131
Figure 16.1 Societally-Positive/Sociopath and Engages in Hard-Core Pornography/Does Not Use Pornography.
Figure 16.2 Mutual Pleasure/Pleasure for Pain and Non-Consensual Participation/Consensual Participation.
Section V  
Figure 17.1 Can Learn with Phonics/Cannot Learn with Phonics and Cannot Learn with Whole Language/Can Learn with Whole Language.
Figure 18.1 Self-Competitive/Non-Competitive and No Grades/Analytical Grading. 167
Figure 19.1 Self-Motivated/Unmotivated and Proscribed Class Sequence/Free Choice in Class Sequence.
Figure 20.1 Bright/Not So Bright and Not Held Back/Held Back 181
Figure 21.1 Female-Only Class/Co-Ed Class and Extreme Radical Instructor/Rational Feminist Instructors.
Figure 22.1 Impressionable/Not Impressionable and Doesn’t Watch Much TV/Watches A Lot of TV. 208
Section VI  
Figure 23.1 Strongly Entrepreneurial/Weakly Entrepreneurial and Weakly Innovative/Strongly Innovative
Figure 23.2 Thrives on Ambiguity/Hates Ambiguity and Weakly Innovative/Strongly Innovative. 219
Figure 24.1 Big Ego/Small Ego and Unsuccessful In Life/Successful In Life. 221
Figure 25.1 Internalizes/Externalizes and Easy Going/Type A. 227
Figure 26.1 Smart/Stupid and Ignorant/Knowledgeable. 231
Figure 26.2 Magnitude of Knowledge and FACTS. 233
Figure 27.1 Reasoner/Memorizer and Impetuous/Chary. 237
Figure 27.2 Dexterous/Clumsy and Impetuous/Chary. 239
Figure 28.1 Not Exploitive/Very Exploitive and Heavy Regulation/No Regulation. 244
Figure 29.1 Payoff Good/Payoff Poor and Failure Likely/Success Likely. 249
Section VII  
Figure 30.1 Parties Agree/Parties Disagree and Conjectural Argument/Factual Argument. 258
Figure 31.1 mbitious/Lethargic and On The Dole/Not On The Dole. 268
Figure 32.1 Genetic Heterosexual/Genetic Homosexual and Imprinted Homosexual/Imprinted Heterosexual.
Figure 33.1 Pro-Choice/Pro-Life and Abortion On Demand/No Abortion Ever. 288
Figure 34.1 Unintentional Murder/Heinous Murder and Repeat Murderer/First Time Murderer. 312

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