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Following is a selection of chapters from the book in pdf format. If your browser is pdf enabled simply click on a link to view the file, or right-click on it to download it. It is recommended that you read the Preface, Introduction, and at least Chapter 1 before reading the later chapters. This is because the concept of the Area of Enlightenment system needs practice before attempting the more complex chapters. When reading a chapter online use the "back" button on your browser to return to the chapter list. If you need Acrobat Reader then follow the "Get Acrobat Reader" link below. Enjoy!

Chapter 1 - Count von Bismarck and His Soldier’s Multi-Dimensionality

Chapter 2 - Getting Off The Line

Chapter 3 - How To Get Into The Area of Enlightenment

Chapter 4 - Sociopathic Behavior—Genetics or Imprinting?

Chapter 6 - “There Are No Bad Boys"

Chapter 7 - The Joys of Stereotyping

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