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Area of Enlightenment
The book, "The Area of Enlightenment: Don't Confuse Me With The Facts, I've Already Made Up My Mind," explains why discussions can sometimes become arguments, and arguments often degenerate into disputes. Difficult arguments rarely follow the line of a single attribute.

In his book on conflict resolution, Winningstad proposes that difficult arguments contain two lines of contention, not one. When the two lines are recognized and placed in a crossed-axis position forming four quadrants, a clear separation of the disputed attributes becomes obvious. It is in these added dimensions that options quickly increase and resolution becomes possible. Techniques to identify and separate the attributes of difficult arguments are taught in the

book, and a number of examples from real-life are explored.

The book, "The Area of Enlightenment," is appropriate for those in the business of conflict resolution, as well as for individuals needing to learn new methods of problem solving to ease problems in personal relationships, work environments, or community service.

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